The traveling Exhibition “Bridge-Inter-Cultures” in several Bulgarian cities from March to May 2019 – Stara Zagora

After the successful reception and wide-ranging echo of the Parliament “Bridge-Inter-Cultures” exhibition, the 22 panels are on the road to new challenges in several Bulgarian cities with the support of local government and religious communities. Starting with Stara Zagora and continuing with Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Belitsa and Rousse.

From 5 to 14 March the photo-exhibition was present in Stara Zagora, the place where the idea for the interfaith youth exchange was born. With a help of Municipality of Stara Zagora at the main hall of the Municipality 22 inspirational professional photos made by Kalina and Boris Borisovi showed the innovative approach of BRIDGES in seeking dialogue among cultures.


On 5th of March at 17:00 Angelina Vladikova, BRIDGES chair, opened the event by special thanks to the Mayor Mr. Jivko Todorov and his team and personally to Mrs. Ivanka Sotirova. Her dedication, support and helping hand made the project reality in the city of Stara Zagora. For the excellent partnership during the years between the nongovernmental, private sectors and local government we can judge by the results. We are grateful for the support and the possibility to present that good practice here in the city where everything has started.

Kalina Borisova spoke about the photoos and process they went throu with Boris during the time together with us and the transformation in themselves. For the nice athmosphere small baleydancers from “Terpsihora” led by Yoana Borisova made the opening special. BRIDGES provided a glass of wine good from "Angel’s Estate" for all guests.


Intercultural project for youth "Bridge-Inter-Cultures" - a summer camp for teenagers, implemented by BRIDGES with the help of the Municipality of Stara Zagora proves that the joint efforts of the non-governmental sector, the municipal institutions, and the companies from the region can create a good partnership to give good fruits.

The project was organized in two parts, with 18 children from Bulgaria and the Netherlands, with the participants spending four days together in each of the countries. The group met first in Stara Zagora from 16 to 20 July and continued with The Hague from 27 to 31 July 2018. Partners in the endeavour for the second part were Ethics Education for Children - Arigatou International and CERITA.

The exhibition presents distinctive moments, emotions, experiences of the days together, shows how 18 young people from Bulgaria and the Netherlands had the opportunity to get to know people of different religious and cultural identities, to look for ways to build bridges of trust contributing to positive transformation in the local communities. The story of co-living through the eyes of professional photographers Kalina and Boris Borisovi answers many questions and helps us to see the meaning of building bridges.

From Stara Zagora the exhibition continues on its way to Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Belitsa and in autumn to Rousse and UN in Geneva.