"Sustainable Green Future" results

Every day we pollute our world and make it less livable. After the industrial revolution, our planet became more polluted with the increase in population growth and the increase in mass production and consumption.

The natural resources of our world are limited. However, as human beings, we consume as if we have a world with unlimited resources and we produce waste with every product we consume. It does not seem possible for us to reach a sustainable and livable future with our current consumption habits. Sustainability; It is regarded as keeping the damage we give to nature and the environment to a minimum in order to sustain our existence economically, socially, and environmentally. A balance should be established between nature and human activities for a sustainable future; Climate, environment, natural resources, and human activities should be analyzed well and societies should be made conscious accordingly. Raising awareness in society also starts with raising awareness of individuals. Since waste management covers many daily processes such as business life, eating and drinking habits, and transportation, it is possible to reach a more sustainable future with the small changes that individuals will make in their lives and habits.

With the "Sustainable Green Future" Erasmus+ Project which we participated in, we aimed to raise awareness among young people about the problems our planet faces, what the concept of sustainability is and what can be done on an individual basis for a sustainable planet.


The Project activities were held in Ankara, Turkiye between Nov 23 and Nov 30, 2022. 40 young participants from Austria, Belgium, Latvia, Turkiye anf BRIDGES from Bulgaria participated in the activities. Following the activities, the participants learned about the causes and effects of the global climate crisis, how human activities affect nature, environmental pollution, waste management, and sustainability. The young participants were supported with theoretical and practical information on what can be done on an individual basis in order to return our planet from its negative situation.

Within the framework of the project, we created a guide to support young people:

  • to understand the current situation of our planet.
  • to learn more about pollution.
  • to give them useful tips to live in a more sustainable way.


You can reach out to the guide with this link
We also created posters that can be used by all organisations in order to raise awareness on the climate crisis and global warming. Here are the download links of the posters: here and here